Muslims’ Quran Claim 2

Muslims Quran Claims 2

Muslims claimed Muhammad memorized the Quran and dictated it to his followers which wrote it down and double checked it during Muhammad’s life time and the Quran we have today is the same one that existed during Muhammad’s lifetime. In the lesson Muslims Quran Claims 1, using the Hadiths I showed this wasn’t true because the first collection was made after Muhammad’s death during the Caliphate of Abu Bakr. In the last lesson I gave the links to the Hadiths supporting what I said. If you want to check me out than here are the Hadiths I used. — Sahih Al-Bukhari HadithHadith 6.201 & 9.301 — Narrated by Zaid bin Thabit who was one of those who used to write the Divine Revelation: –- Zaid asked “How dare you do a thing WHICH THE PROPHET HAS NOT DONE?” —

Showing Muhammad didn’t have the Quran in one book during his lifetime. –- This Lesson I will give more information and We can see the Claims by Muslims are not consistent.

What prompted the Quran Compilation? Let us look in History again.

Abu Bakr sent for me after the (heavy) casualties among the warriors (of the battle) of Yamama (where a great number of Qurra’ were killed 450 to be exact). Qurra’ are those knowing part of the Qran by heart.

Umar was present with Abu Bakr who said, ‘Umar has come to me and said, The people have suffered heavy casualties on the day of (the battle of) Yamama, and I am afraid that there will be more casualties among the Qurra’ (those who know the Qur’an by heart) at other battle-fields, whereby a large part of the Qur’an MAY BE LOST, unless you collect it. And I am of the opinion that you should collect the Qur’an.” — (The True Guidance, An Introduction To Quranic Studies, part 4 [Light of Life – P.O. BOX 13, A-9503 Villach, Austria], p. 47- citing Ibn Kathir’s Al-Bidaya wa al-Nibaya, chapter on Battle of Yamama)

According to another source, when these men died they took with them portions of the Quran that they alone had memorized: — Zuhri reports, ‘We have heard that many Qur’an passages were revealed but that those who had memorized them fell in the Yemama fighting.— Those passages had not been written down, and following the deaths of those who knew them, were no longer known; nor had Abu Bakr, nor `Umar nor `Uthman as yet collected the texts of the Quran.Those lost passages were not to be found with anyone after the deaths of those who had memorized them. — (John Burton, The Collection of the Qur’an, pp. 126-127, Abu Bakr `Abdullah b. abi Da’ud, Kitab al-Masahif, ed. A. Jeffery, Cairo, 1936/1355, p. 23:)

This was the reason impelling them to pursue the compilation of the Quran during the reign of Abu Bakr, committing it to sheets for fear that there should perish in further theaters of war men who bore much of the Quran which they would take to the grave with them on their fall, and which, with their passing, would not be found with any other. This shows many parts of the Quran was lost on the battle field at Yemama and proved the falsehood of a complete Quran during Muhammad’s lifetime.

I said Muslims’ claims aren’t consistent. Let us look at some other sources.

Sahih Muslim 6029: — Anas is reported to have said: Four persons collected the Qur’an during the lifetime of Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) and all of them were Ansar:

Muadh Bin Jabal, Ubayy Bin Kab, Zaid Bin Thabit, Abu Zaid. Qatada said: Anas, who was Abu Zaid? He said: He was one of my uncles.

Zaid was not the only person who had compiled the Qur’an in book form. Others such as Ubayy Bin Kab and Abdallah ibn Masud also compiled Qur’ans of their very own. In fact, both Ubayy and Ibn Masud had been singled out by Muhammad himself as two of the top four Qur’anic reciters: — Masruq reported: We used to go to Abdullah Bin Amr and talk to him. Ibn Numair said: One day we made a mention of Abdullah Bin Masud, whereupon he said: you have made mention of a person whom I love more than anything else. I heard Allah’s Messenger as saying: Learn Qur’an from four persons: Ibn Umm Abd (i.e., Abdullah Bin Masud – he started from him – then Muadh bin Jabal and Ubayy bin Kab, then Salim the ally of Ali Hudhaifa. (Sahih Muslim, Book 031, Number 6024) — Another tradition confirms that besides Ibn Masud, Ubayy and Zaid ibn Thabit, there were at least two others who had also collected the Qur’an:

Despite the fact that this tradition contradicts Zaid’s own testimony that no Qur’anic text had been compiled in Muhammad’s time it does confirm, however, that other Qur’ans were in circulation at the time of Zaid’s codex. Owing to this fact, controversy evolved among the Muslims as they began accusing each other of tampering with the Book of Allah, which eventually led to the third Caliph Uthman taking drastic measures.

Hudaifa b. al Yeman came to `Uthman direct from the Aderbaijan and Armenian frontier where, uniting the forces from Iraq and those from Syria, he had had an opportunity to observe regional differences over the Qur’an. “Commander of the faithful,” he advised, “take this umma in hand before they differ about the Book like Christians and Jews.” `Uthman sent asking Hafsa to lend him the sheets [inherited by her father, `Umar, from Abu Bakr, and now in her possession] “so that we can copy them into other volumes and then return them.” She sent her suhuf to `Uthman who summon Zaid, Sa`id b. al `As, `Abdul Rahman b. al Harith b. Hisham and `Abdullah b. al Zubair and commanded them to copy the sheets into several volumes. Addressing the group from Quraish, he added, “Wherever you differ from Zaid, write the word in the dialect of Quraish for it was revealed in that tongue.”

When they had copied the sheets, `Uthman sent a copy to each of the main centers of the empire with the command that all other Qur’an materials, whether in single sheet form, or in whole volumes, WERE TO BE BURNED…’ (Burton, pp. 141-142- citing Ahmad b. `Ali b. Muhammad al `Asqalani, ibn Hajar, “Fath al Bari”, 13 vols, Cairo, 1939/1348, vol. 9, p. 18; bold and capital emphasis ours)

It becomes obvious from these traditions that, contrary to popular Islamic teaching, contradictions and variant readings existed between the different codices. It is interesting to note that these variances gave rise to charges of corruption and textual perversion amongst the Muslim Umma, causing Uthman to burn texts written by eye and ear witnesses of Muhammad.

Uthman then proceeded to make Zaid’s codex the official text, forcing others to accept his decision. This decision wasn’t based on the wisdom of God but on one man’s choice. –- “The question that begs to be asked is who gave Uthman the right to burn Qur’ans, standardizing Zaid’s text, when there were others who had more authority for receiving official standardization of their respective texts, such as Ibn Masud and Ubayy?”

Preservation of the Noble Quran is a MIRACLE of Islam.The Rashidun Caliph
UTHMAN [ May Allah Bless him],compiled SIX IDENTICAL MASTERS and destroyed all other written copies. — The SIX identical Masters were distributed to various locations in the Muslim lands of that time. Caliph Uthman’s compilation is the ONLY MASTER WHICH MUST BE TRUSTED as the ACCURATE QURAN till the Day of Judegement. The Quran that we read to day is the copy of Uthman’s Master Quran. — Any Quran other than Caliph UTHMAN’s compilation is INVALID and MUST NOT BE TRUSTED. Allah has promised the preservation of the Quran.

So the Quran was written by Uthman, not Muhammad. — Instead of the word of Allah, we have the word of Uthman

Today’s Quran isn’t from Muhammad or Allah but from Uthman and is called the Uthman Quran.

The information in the first lesson and this lesson shows Muhammad had nothing to do with the Quran of today.

Muslims claim the Quran is complete but later they find other sayings of Muhammad and so created the Hadiths to supplement the Quran. The Quran is lacking in many things and can’t be understood without the Hadiths which are writing with more of Muhammad’s saying and his life showing what the Quran really means.

Stay tune for more examinations of the Quran.


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