Muslims’ Quran Claims Summary

Muslims Quran Claims Summary

I presented 3 messages disproving the Muslims Claim the Quran existed during Muhammad’s life as it is now. I showed by their Hadiths and their commentaries this is a false claim. The Quran we have now is called the Uthman Quran because all others were destroy but his. History shows some Muslims didn’t want to give up their Qurans and Uthman had them killed and destroy the Quran they had. What comments did I get?

Although I gave a thorough presentation I thought the Muslims will jump on my posts and try tearing it apart. By the time I posted the third post I realized they won’t and the two reasons they didn’t is they couldn’t attack my messages and disprove them or else they have me block so they can’t see my posts. This is nothing unusual for a Muslim or anyone if they can’t disprove your messages. Another reason is they are just ignoring them and hope I will go away.

Only Comments I got wasn’t trying to disprove my messages but attacks on me which is also nothing unusual when they can’t disprove your messages. One told me I wasn’t smart enough to interpret the Hadiths since I didn’t know Islam’s History which I do but I told her the Hadiths didn’t need an interpretation because it speaks for themselves or maybe I should say it speaks very plainly and don’t need anyone’s interpretation.

Another said I didn’t know Islam and shouldn’t speak as a know it all when I don’t know anything. I said I was taught by a Imam, Muslims, and Ex-Muslims and I used all Muslim sources. Besides the attack on me they hadn’t tried to tear my messages apart. I don’t think they can because if they could they were already tried it.

We will continue with our studies of the Quran but from a different angle. They claimed the Quran is without mistakes or contradictions. Is this true? If so than it should stand up under a close examination of the Quran contents.


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