The Quran is Muslims’ Holy Book and the word of their god allah and they claimed it is of divine origin and is perfect without mistakes and unchanged since it was handed down to Muhammad by an angel. If this is true than the Quran should stand on its own merits under any close examination. If it isn’t true than their claims about the Quran will fall apart. I have seen Muslims get upset when they know someone will examine the Quran closely.

Many Muslims hasn’t read the Quran. I said that because Many Muslims told me they hadn’t. They said their Imams and Mullahs teaches them its meaning and they are taught not to disagree with what their Imams or Mullahs taught them. Muslims can read the Quran but they are not to question it. If they don’t understand than they are to ask their Imams or Mullahs and not to question their answers. Therefore they are following blindly something they know nothing about and the Quran teaches the same thing.

Sura 5:101-102. “o ye who believe ! ask not questions about things which if made plain to you, may cause you trouble…. some people before you did ask, and on that account lost their faith…..

I say this verse is true because when a Muslims begin to think for himself he will leave Islam. As long as he is control by their religion, Imams and Mullahs they have blinders on their eyes. These messages will examine Muslims’ claims about the Quran very closely and I will revealed the truth about the Quran’s compiling and their claims. I do this hoping to open the eyes of some Muslims and they see the light and realized they been deceived.

These Messages is done out of my love for the Muslims’ souls. It grieves when I hear about one blowing himself up thinking he is going to paradise and have 72 virgins when in reality he is in hell. My prayers are every Muslim will read the messages and maybe start thinking. I do challenge every Muslim to disprove what I present. Next message I will list some of the claims Muslims makes about their Quran.


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