The Bible VS The Quran

The Bible VS the Quran

This lesson I will talk about the differences between the Bible and The Quran and some of the claims Muslims makes concerning the Bible and their Quran. I won’t go into the details of those claims because I want to address each one in other lessons. One could easily design many different criteria for evaluating the Quran and the Bible, or any other religious scriptures for that matter. In the following lessons we will look at each claim made by Muslims concerning their Quran and the Christian Bible. When I am through with these lessons, I hope many will see the truth about Islam and the Muslims way of thinking and hopefully some Muslims will see the light.

The Bible and the Quran are very different books, and besides some foundation criteria that apply generally to each book claiming to be revelation of absolute truth; it is important to check whether each book satisfies at least its own internal criteria, i.e. the claims it makes about itself. The bible doesn’t claim to be complete in all things. In fact there are books mentioned in the Bible that we don’t have now. The Bible does claim to give you enough to know God, his love and his plan of salvation and it has never been proven wrong by Historical, Scientific, or Archaeology facts. In fact the more we learn of the past the more our past upholds the Bible.

Muslims claims the Quran is complete in all things. If this is true than why do they need the Hadiths? Understanding one subject in the Quran is impossible without the Hadiths. A few Muslims claimed they don’t need the Hadiths to understand what they must do but the Quran don’t tell you to pray 5 times a day or how to pray and what to say. The most prayer time you can get from the Quran is 4 times. The Hadiths do tell you to pray 5 times and they tell you what prayer you use standing and what prayer you use kneeling and what pray you use laying with your face toward the ground. The Hadiths tells you what to say or verses to recite at each prayer. This is one example that the Quran is not complete in details and most of Islam doctrines of worship come from the Hadiths than the Quran. More on this later.

Many die hard Muslims claims there aren’t any mistakes in the Quran. In the Quran not only are there contradictory verses for Islam’s doctrines but the Hadiths is also contradictory with the Quran and within themselves. The whole Quran is full of mistakes as far as historical, archaeology and scientific facts are concern. This we will look at in following messages before we look at the Muslim’s claims concerning the Bible. Of course Muslims will disagree with this and if they are correct than they shouldn’t worry if the Quran is examined closely as if under a Microscope. If it is the truth without any mistakes than it will stand under a close examination. If they are wrong they will see their Quran crumble in the examination.

Muslims can’t agree if the Quran had always been in Heaven or it was started when the supposed Angel Gabriel gave it to him. The ones believing the Quran has always been in heaven will tell you it is written in Arabic which was the original language of Adam and Mankind. This sounds like Joseph Smith claim about the tablets the angel showed him was written in a reform Egyptian. Many things wrong with this. First Linguistics doesn’t support the Muslim’s claim or Joseph Smith’s claim. Science of Linguistics and the bible shows the first language of mankind was a form of Hebrew which the biblical Hebrew and the other Semitics languages evolved from. Staying with Linguistics we do know the Arabic language is consider a branch of the Semitic language. Still staying with Linguistics we can trace the Arabic script to its beginning which will take us to 4th century Ad or around 325 to 350 AD. The Arabic script came from the Nabataean abjad script and that script came from the Aramaic abjad, or the Aramaic language. Since the Arabic script didn’t start coming into existence until the 4th century AD there isn’t a copy of the Quran in heaven in the Arabic Language. Another claim of the Quran is it was written in a pure Arabic language which was the Quraish language and the language of Muhammad’s tribe. That language was a mixture of different words from other nations and other Arabic dialects and therefore wasn’t a pure Arabic Language. The Quraish tribe was the keeper of the Ka’bah in Mecca. A supposed trade route went through Mecca and in the Ka’bah there were 360 gods and goddess to worship. The Quraish Arabic language became a mixture of those different words from other countries. This ain’t unusual since all of our language evolved over a period of time using words from other languages. In fact the NT uses a few words from Aramaic language since there weren’t a Greek word for it. More on the Ka’bah and the others later.

Than those claiming the Angel Gave Muhammad the Quran makes claims too.

The Text of the Quran is entirely reliable. —- It has never been change. — Muhammad perfectly memorize the Quran. — The Quran is proved by history — The Quran hasn’t got any mistakes. — and there are many many more claims which I will present in different messages.

As I stated if they are correct than the Quran should stand up under a close examination. It it is true than I cannot present facts showing it isn’t by irrefutable evidence.

After I am through with presenting their claims about the Quran and my answers to them we will than look at their claims about the Bible.